Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some useful Matlab colormaps

We talked about several alternative colormaps at figure club last week. Here are links to a few of them on the Matlab File Exchange.

lbmap.m -- four Matlab colormaps from the Light & Bartlein Eos article that Sally wrote about. These colormaps are useful for communicating color to people with colorblindess (and those without, too!).

haxby.m -- a Matlab colormap to implement the Haxby scheme, often used on bathymetric charts.

cbrewer -- tools to implement colormaps from (more info in Sally's post).

cpt-city -- Nick sent us this awesome site with tons of ideas for alternative colormaps and color schemes.

Do you have any great color resources? Leave a comment!


  1. I found this website: . It gives you text files with RGB values for each colormap, so they're easy to implement in Matlab.

  2. Hi Dan,

    I came across your post and really liked the colormap in the graphic meeting-recap-colors-in-figures.html in Sally's post. Do you have the MATLAB colormap file for this particular colormap? Thanks.